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Obsessed with Excellence

Blue Magma Residential is the second real estate management company founded by Reuven Oded over the past two decades. From the outset, our reason for being was to excel at what we do and always exceed the world's expectations of us. Our mission is to provide the highest level of customer service coupled with creating beautiful communities that afford our residents a lifestyle of dignity, safety, pride and value. This 'Value' proposition is at the heart of our being. Put simply, our unrelenting goal is for our residents to feel they got more than they bargained for when they chose to live with us. It is what drives us and hence, why we coined the mantra 'Obsessed with Excellence'. While living up to such an aspirational goal can be challenging, it is what drives our team, day in and day out. To do things right the first time, to try harder, to deliver meaningful results and to always, always, walk that extra mile.


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The Blue Magma Lifestyle

Experience the Blue Magma brand. Our quest is not only to create great communities but to build a branded platform through our unique property features and our dedicated team of professionals who are trained to excel and do whatever it takes. You will instantly know you stepped on a Blue Magma Residential property by our beautiful color scheme, unique signage, lush landscaping, designer club house, high speed internet cafe and not least of which our state of the art fitness center. On every team member's desk we display our Blue Magma colorful Beta fish, our Lucky bamboo plants for good Feng Shui and of course, our clubhouse 'Wow' fridge that offers popsicles, snacks, sodas and goodies to our residents and prospects. Most importantly, our Blue Magma team members will always be there with a smile, well groomed, uniformed and with an unrelenting eagerness to please.

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Blue Magma Residential

With over 10,000 apartments co-owned or managed, our dedicated team of professionals are passionate about exceeding expectations, solving problems, here and now, while delivering superior results to our residents, our partners and our investors. Blue Magma Residential is now in six Southern states: Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi and Texas.

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